Hi, I’m Rachel.

(And those are my children up there.)

I’m a creative with a big heart, four chickens, one cat, three children and a mealworm I’m trying to keep alive for my child’s science project. Photography has always been like a fifth limb to me, an extension of who I am, and I’ll be the one at your wedding swallowing down the lump in my throat because - and forgive me for being cliche’ - love is my favourite. The red tent, historically speaking, was a place women went to retreat from the world, and this is what the art of photo-taking has always meant for me: When I take that lens cap off, I see beauty in places I would have otherwise missed, and this beauty both enriches my life and gives me a fresh perspective of everything that matters.

I’ve been taking photos for almost ten years, and still to this day, one of my children’s favourite things to do is to get out their photo books and ask me to repeat all the stories — the time they lost their first tooth, what they were like as a baby, what happened on the night they were born. Photographs matter, and you being in them matters even more for your child, long after they’ve grown up and those years are gone.

I’m based in Brisbane, Australia but I won’t ever say no to interstate or international travel. Get in touch! I’d love to create something beautiful for you.